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Scrape websites to extract product / project prices, availability, reviews, prominence, brand reputation and more 

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Price and Product Monitoring

Get data feeds and real-time APIs of Pricing, Product Availability, Reviews and other details of projects across major various websites and marketplaces, directly in your preferred data format and location at your own custom intervals. Keep any eye on competitors by creating a better promotional strategy. We monitor prices, availability, costs, sentiment, content etc to meet brand specific guidelines.

There is no magic, it's time to get the tools you deserve.

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Monitor Projects across Marketplaces

Compare and match products across multiple categories and online marketplaces to gain an edge over your competitors

  • Monitor competitor products / projects in multiple countries and markets
  • View product prices from any online marketplaces
  • Find out new sellers, partners, and best selling products or projects

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Analyze Competitors Pricing Strategy

Create real-time custom dashboards to monitor prices and gather insights

  • Get product data regularly​ and adapt to price variations
  • Analyze competitor prices, ratings and current sentiment level
  • Track competitor pricing trends over time

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Price Monitoring Use Cases 

Sentiment Analysis​

Gather customer review data of brands to analyze how consumers feel about your brands

Historical Trends

Analyze prices over time to understand historical trends. Compare them among channels, competitors, or countries.

Product Matching across Retailers and Websites

Product matching based on name, ASIN, SKU, GTIN, and other identifiers using custom ML models.

Rapid Custom Price Monitoring Solutions

Our custom price monitoring solutions are cost-effective and can be built in weeks and sometimes in days. Our library of pre-built components ensures a shorter development time for a custom solution. This gives you the ability to get started on your price and product matching solution on a small scale and at a lower price point before expanding to include multiple websites, products, categories and, regions. It also helps mitigate the risk associated with a large scale implementation that is both expensive and time-consuming.

Our approach has worked for a majority of our customers, which includes billion-dollar companies selling products all over the world. The custom nature helps you tweak the solution to suit your needs.

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